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Meet Mel Martin, Master of Fascinations
By Denny Hatch
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I have spent the past 50 years as a copywriter. OK, I also ran book clubs, started a newsletter about junk mail, wrote eight books of fiction and nonfiction and launched this publication.

But my bread-and-butter has always been writing copy. I learned to start with a headline that grabbed the reader by the throat, and then create copy that won't let up until I get the order, inquiry or donation.

Look at the Google entries IN THE NEWS at the right. Search Engine Optimization is the current rage—grabbing the attention of spiders and crawlers in the hopes that the message will surface all over the Internet.

Yet it's flesh-and-blood people that want information, spend money on goodies and give to charity—not emotionless, pre-programmed electronic robots.

Go ahead, fascinate robots. But if your message is a bore, you are a mouse click away from oblivion.

Call me Luddite or troglodyte, but I will continue to write headlines and copy for people , not robots.

And I'll study the work of the great copywriters, such as Mel Martin.

"Mel was one of the world's greatest copywriters, and nobody has ever heard of him." —Brian Kurtz, Vice President, Boardroom, Inc.

"Mel was one of the world's greatest copywriters, and nobody has ever heard of him."

Mel who?

Mel Martin, master of Fascinations.


Fascinations. Teasers. Taking an old-fashioned teaser—usually found on an envelope—and stuffing an entire mailing full of them, nakedly appealing to the emotions that scare people and drive them to action.

The Beginnings The tortuous trek of Mel Martin from laborer in the vineyards of advertising and publishing to rarefied heights in the pantheon of the greatest direct mail copywriters who ever lived began modestly enough at the Sussman Sugar agency and, thereafter, at the Friend-Reiss agency.

The Beginnings

It was at Friend-Reiss in the late 50s that he used to be called on by Martin Edelston, an aggressive young advertising salesman for Max Ascoli's now defunct Reporter magazine. Two decades later, that meeting would be to newsletter publishing what Ben Jerry were to ice cream.

In the early 70s, Mel Martin was hired as a copywriter by Herb Nagourney, the toothy publisher of The New York Times book division whose business was built on running coupon ads in unsold space in the Times. While there, Martin created what Edelston considered to be some of the greatest book advertising ever written. "I would love to go through the Times on microfiche and find those ads," Edelston says. "Each was masterpiece."

Gomperts E , Sharp C , Simmonds P , Donfield S , Lail A , Delwart E . 2010. High frequencies of exposure to the novel human parvovirus, PARV4 in hemophiliacs and injecting drug users detected by a serological assay for PARV4 antibodies HAEMOPHILIA , 16 pp. 65-65.

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A new species of parvovirus, tentatively named human bocavirus 4 (HBoV4), was genetically characterized. Among 641 feces samples obtained from children and adults, the most commonly detected bocavirus species were, in descending order, HBoV2, HBoV3, HBoV4, and HBoV1, with an HBoV2 prevalence of 21% and 26% in Nigerian and Tunisian children, respectively. HBoV3 or HBoV4 species were found in 12 of 192 patients with non-polio acute flaccid paralysis in Tunisia and Nigeria and 0 of 96 healthy Tunisian contacts (P = .01). Evidence of extensive recombination at the NP1 and VP1 gene boundary between and within bocavirus species was found. The high degree of genetic diversity seen among the human bocaviruses found in feces specimens, relative to the highly homogeneous HBoV1, suggest that this worldwide-distributed respiratory pathogen may have recently evolved from an enteric bocavirus after acquiring an expanded tropism favoring the respiratory tract. Elucidating the possible role of the newly identified enteric bocaviruses in human diseases, including acute flaccid paralysis and diarrhea, will require further epidemiological studies.

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PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Human parechoviruses (HPeVs) within the large and growing family of Picornaviridaeare common human pathogens associated with a wide spectrum of disease presentations. Although 10 different HPeV types have been published to date, there is increasing evidence for a specific role of HPeV type 3 (HPeV3) in severe neonatal disease. In this review, we will describe both the disease associations and underlying epidemiological and/or biological basis for the often marked differences in disease outcomes between HPeV types. RECENT FINDINGS: Application of molecular-based diagnostic techniques has revealed an association between neonatal sepsis, encephalitis and hepatitis with HPeV3 but not with other parechovirus types. HPeV3 shows evidence for very recent emergence in human populations as well as inferred differences in cellular receptor usage. SUMMARY: The recently discovered HPeV3 has been shown to play an important role in severe neonatal infections, observations possibly linked to its very recent emergence or possibly different cellular tropism that underlie its targeting of the most susceptible individuals. HPeV infections are currently under-diagnosed and should be considered in the clinical and diagnostic evaluation of severe neonatal disease presentations.



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