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Very early copy of the second recension of Raymond of Penafort’s penitential handbook likely dating close to its composition in c. 1234-1236 and not including the fourth book on marriage. The extensive corrections to the text are of particular interest given its early date. Of Parisian origin, it may have been associated with the Dominican Convent of St. Jacques or have been owned by a student at the University. In the fourteenth century it belonged to the Augustinian Canons of St. Denis at Reims, one of the most important religious foundations in Reims.

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TM 580

The influence of this text, written by one of the greatest medieval popes while he was still a cardinal, on the thought of the Middle Ages can hardly be exaggerated. It survives in an exceptionally large number of manuscripts and was found in most monastic libraries, in the schools, and in princely collections. It was cited often by both Latin and vernacular authors, including such diverse authors as Christine de Pizan, St. Bernadine of Siena, and Chaucer. This copy was once owned by the noted art historian Comte Paul Durrieu.

TM 557

This is a handsome, carefully copied Choir Psalter with musical notation; the manuscript is now missing numerous leaves (presumably including the leaves with illuminated initials, only one of which now remains), and is bound out of order, but still represents the opportunity to acquire a very fine liturgical manuscript from Northern Italy from the fourteenth century. The remaining illuminated initial and the very fine pen initials witness the fact that this was originally a deluxe manuscript.

TM 725

This charming, attractively written pocket-sized manuscript contains an extremely rare pairing of texts: the two greatest foundation documents of early Western monasticism. Monks were not allowed to own personal property such as books, and this suggests that the present manuscript was perhaps written for a wealthy layperson. Yet, there is clear evidence that a Benedictine monk or abbot owned the volume in the fifteenth century.

TM 388

Attractively written manuscript in pocket format and with clean wide margins of Saint Jerome’s lives of Paul, Malchus, and Hilarion, writings of considerable narrative charm which exercised an enormous impact on later hagiographic literature and which continued to be widely read throughout the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance.

TM 87

The middle of the fifteenth century was a tumultuous period in Aragonese history. This is a carefully written and corrected document detailing a legal proceeding between the governor and future king of Aragon, his illegitimate son, and two of his subjects. Centered on these subjects’s petition for juris firma , a legal process unique to Aragon, this document will reward further study with insights into the practical applications of this process. It includes the texts of three earlier documents (one in Spanish) and was validated by Dominicus Augustinus’s notary mark.

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I am slowly tiptoeing my way into the edits on Women Warriors: responding to my editor’s concerns about structure,* fixing sentences that cause me pain as I read them a month or ten after writing them, tracking down incomplete references,** tightening up some sections, and expanding others. I find it to be a satisfying process, but there is no doubt that it does lead me down side paths that don’t directly affect the work at hand. Over the course of nine days, I’ve dug deeply into the Tailhook scandal , the relationship between the combat exclusion policy and requiring women to sign up for the draft,*** and the troubling question of “boob armor”. You can guess which one caught my imagination. (And may make it into the footnotes as part of a brief discussion of the contrast between our response to highly sexualized female warriors in media**** and our historical discomfort with real life women warriors. Not a trivial subject after all.)

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, “boob armor” refers to the form-fitting breastplates worn by many women warriors in comics, on the cover of pulp-ish fantasy novels, and in video games, television, and movies–and consequently by their cosplaying real life imitators. (Not to mention various Wagnerian sopranos. Opera and space opera have more in common than you might think.) Some versions of boob armor are more overt than others–Xena’s armor not only has bra cups but swirls designed to call attention to the same.

Boob armor is at first glance one step better than the pervasive “armor bikini”–which is made of some material generally associated with armor but does not cover any of the body parts you would want armor to protect in case of a fight. But as the video below makes clear, the illusion of greater protection is just that: an illusion. It is intended to suggest that the character is a badass of the baddest variety while still leaving her *ahem* assets as unprotected as those your average damsel in distress.

What does all of this have to do with historical women warriors, you ask? Perhaps nothing. But then again, the image is an old one. It appears in Renaissance paintings of warrior-goddesses and in eighteenth century political cartoons of Britannia at arms. The unspoken message seems to be goddesses and female super-heroes can fight, but regular women? Not so much.

And yet, we know that Joan of Arc Joan transformed herself from a peasant girl in a homespun red dress into a knight, complete with the expensive accoutrements of horse, retinue, standard, and armor. I bet it wasn’t boob armor.

Joan of Arc

*Evidently it’s weird to have three separate introductions to a book. Who knew?

**In some cases, I didn’t have the complete reference and did not want to stop forward motion. But occasionally I didn’t write the whole thing down while I had the book in my hand. Why, past self? Why? *Headthunk”

These are great tips!! My son will be two in May and in to many of the same things! Those Water Wonder books are GENIUS!


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Jess says

I don’t have kids but recently completely a road trip with my two elderly grandparents and WOW we all could have used more distractions/entertainment.

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Wow these are going to come in handy for our upcoming 7 hour flight from London back home to the East Coast! Thanks, Julie!



Emily says

I feel like I could write a novel on this, since we’ve flown with my two year old now 20(!!!!) times! We don’t road trip often, but my travel tips are: 1. pack a large snack bag for each leg of the trip ahead of time. My snack bag – usually a big ziplock bag – always has a plastic trash bag, a bunch of napkins, and all of my go-to travel snacks: goldfish, pretzel sticks, those hands snacks where they can dip the breadsticks into fake cheese (a toddler dream come true! sometimes i mix it up and do PB or hummus and pretzels or carrots/apples too, nut the hand snacks are a novelty for us), lollipops, a small container of mini MMs (they’re fun to sort and the container is fun in itself), fruit snacks, a pb sandwich, and some mini chocolate chip cookies. my second plastic bag has all of our toys – basically target dollar spot sticker books and other trinkets, thomas mini trains, and cheaper toys I’ve stashed away from preschool parties/halloween/christmas/birthday party favors that are perfect to pull out for these kinds of things. also, the “first hundred” books with lots of pictures. with flights, I always try to bring stuff that can get lost without too many tears. I also have a tether for his lovey that clips on him, and has my contact information written on it in sharpie.

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These are so great! Thank you for sharing! And that’s so amazing you’ve flown so much with your little one. what a little champ! And serious props to you — I know travel is never stress-free!

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Stacy says

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